Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vandermitchell Update

Hello everyone! The Vandermitchells were very busy last year. Warren went on 5 cruises and I went on 4 trips all between April and October. Family was crucial during those months for keeping single parents sane and Lincoln spoiled. Thank you to all the family and friends that pitched in to help us in our many times of
need. Here's Pawpaw on the Beaufort Waterfront after a solo mission with Lincoln.
That's right folks, those are underpants. Lincoln is mostly potty trained. Mostly.

Lincoln started a new school. He likes it and we have noticed his song list has greatly expanded--he is always singing these days whether it is ABC's or Days of the week or lately, Hey there Delila. Who knew. It seems his new school likes to spell his name a little different than we do (and the rest of the country). This is plain awesome. We have it on the wall in the middle of the house for all to see.

Now I will do a photo montage that tries to catch you all up on our whereabouts recently. We went to St. Louis for Thanksgiving 2011. My family is always encouraging us to challenge Lincoln's cognitive skills and play more games to encourage critical thinking. They came up with a new game called 'Fishing for Pawpaw.' Those Vander Pluyms are always pushing the intellectual limit.

Lincoln apparently let his Nana and Aunt DD know that he didn't get cake on his birthday (his parents must be communists) so they made sure he got his very own belated birthday cake. So sweet!

We even got a night out to go to a jazz show!

After Turkey Day Lincoln and I got in the holiday spirit since we didn't do a tree. The wound on his face was not inflicted by us--he ran into the gate latch while we were playing outside, I swear!

Lincoln loved his Spider boots that his Aunt DD got him over the Thanksgiving holiday that he just likes to wear them around the house while playing. What a cutie.

This one is just too cute, I had to.

We headed to Rockport, TX for Xmas and New Years. Lincoln made it quite clear that he wanted a tree so Doodle waited until we arrived on Xmas eve to setup the tree with all of the Mitchell ornaments. What a treat for us all!

We tried to recreate the beautiful family shot from last year, but Lincoln had other ideas so we got a cute couple shot instead!

How many Mitchell men does it take to work an IPhone? Actually they are watching Python vs. Alligator videos on You Tube taken in the Glades. Really.

There was a skeet shoot at Uncle John and Aunt Becky's property, La Vista, that had 5 shooting positions and two types of clay launchers. Guess who won the female division after 30 minutes of practice the day before. I was up against some serious Texan ladies.

Back in NC we started off the new year with a hike/bike ride for the whole family at a beautiful trail nearby.

Riding his bike at Hoop Hole Creek in Atlantic Beach, NC.

Ready for the annual Valentine's Oyster Roast at a neighbor's house! Lincoln was decked out in his carhartt hand me downs that might only last through the night--a little tighter than I expected.

Most recently Warren supported my attendance at a good friend's 40th birthday and disco gathering in Hawaii, where she lives. What an awesome husband. Our campsite (our yurts were off to the left) at Malaekahana Campgrounds! Gorgeous place with great beach for boogie boarding--must be since even I was able to catch some waves.

Awesome ladies on the beautiful beach our yurts looked out upon. We supported a local girls' surf contest by getting matching t-shirts! Dorks, but cute dorks.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is that wrong?

We both laughed right through the tantrum pictured below because of the pace of mood changes. Is that wrong?! A game of 'I Spy with My Little Eye' cleared seemed to clear it up. Thanks for the intro to that game so many years ago, Mom :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy on a sand bar

Summer is full on. We had a great afternoon with our neighbors - so kind to have us out on their boat. We had our own island until the tide came in; Lincoln played to exhaustion.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Much Needed Lincoln Photo Montage

Worry not, I will not type much. Warren is away on a research cruise aboard the R/V Pisces which you can follow here:Pisces (click on Pisces, click on 'show latest track', then zoom in) leaving Lincoln and I to enjoy a most fabulous May. Here are some pictures from the last few months, enjoy!!

Lincoln enjoying some hot chocolate 2 months ago, before fabulosity hit Carteret County.

Hula patiently getting furminated. What a good dog!

Nice outfit, Dad! Lincoln is showing off his amazing fishing prowess and love for bold colors and patterns together.

Must wear personal protection at all times while mowing the lawn.

Have you ever seen a cuter pair of Mitchells?

Lincoln and his buddy, Ayush, at the NC zoo in Asheboro--best zoo ever. Really.

These kids climbed on every bronze, stone, cement, copper statue they came across!